About this site

Fedi.Garden is a small curated selection of Fediverse servers which have promised to meet certain standards of reliability and responsible moderation. To be listed, the servers must meet these requirements:

  • Actively moderate against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia
  • Take daily backups
  • Have at least two people with access to the server’s administration (a main admin and a second admin in case the main admin is unavailable/unreachable)
  • Promise to give 3 months warning if they intend to close the server (so that members have time to transfer their account to another server ⧉)
  • Have fewer than 50,000 registered members
  • Be open for public registrations, either directly or through sign-up requests
  • No federation with any organisation cited in multiple reports of massacres or genocides (such as Meta/Facebook/Threads 1⧉ 2⧉ 3⧉ etc).

Note that servers listed on this site don’t have to be Mastodon servers, they can be other kinds of Fediverse servers instead.

The first four rules match the terms of the Mastodon Covenant ⧉ which the official Mastodon site uses. In addition, servers listed on Fedi.Garden must also comply with the last three rules as well.

Alternative server lists

Fedi.Garden is manually curated, and is a small selection of hand-picked servers which have promised to fulfil the above requirements. You can find other people’s curated server lists at joinmastodon.org ⧉, pixelfed.org ⧉ and mastodonserver.ca ⧉

If you want much larger non-curated server lists have a look at Mastodon Help ⧉, FediDB.org ⧉, the-federation.info ⧉, instances.social ⧉, fediverse.to ⧉ and others. As they are non-curated lists, these sites may sometimes link to servers that are unreliable and/or unsafe.

My other sites

As well as fedi.garden I also run fedi.tips ⧉, fedi.directory ⧉, growyourown.services ⧉ and fedi.video ⧉

Contacting me

You can follow me on the Fediverse at @FediGarden@social.growyourown.services ⧉ and the same account can also be followed through RSS ⧉.

You can email me at email@fedi.garden


The fonts used on this site are Kaph by GGBot ⧉ and Hind Semibold by Indian Type Foundry ⧉, both under the SIL Open Font Licence. Fonts are hosted locally for maximum privacy.


Fedi.Garden has no connection whatsoever to the Mastodon app Fedigardens ⧉. The similar names are purely coincidental. Do check them out though, they seem to make a nice app!